Who We Are

Founded in San Francisco, California by brothers David and Sean Henderson, Henderson Technologies™ aims to provide companies around the world with quality and affordable services by utilizing our skilled professionals across the globe.

What sets us apart from the vast sea of outsource companies?

Our Remote Development Specialists (RDS), are just that… specialists. We are selective, working with quality clients who value modern practices and clean code.


Our strict confidentiality policies, contracts, monitoring, data security, and attention to detail ensures our clients sleep well at night. that is of course if you’re not night owls like us :)


We work 24/7/365. No really, we are not robots. But we are flexible. We will set a fixed schedule based on the hours you need us to be online. Nice huh?


The founders (David and Sean) were born and raised in California. Silicon Valley is our backyard. We understand what’s expected and required from such a demanding market. That’s why we hand pick each and every member of our teams after working with them individually on non-billable projects.


Let’s talk about this. Everyone has skills. But do they know why they do what they do? Confused? I was too. Don’t worry, we’ll explain. We’ve worked with outsource companies and individuals in many countries, with some major successes as well as some major damage control. Besides communication issues, the second biggest challenge is making sure that everyone on the team (including prodigy programmers) understands the reason for the work, not just the methods. That being said - if you need some bullet points, here they are:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Real-time cross-platform web applications with Javascript (Node, Meteor, jQuery)
  • Traditional MVC applications (PHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Database Administration (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB)
  • Systems Administration (Unix/Linux, Web Servers, Secure Global Networks)

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